ADEPT Globel Solution is establised with purpose of assisting organizations having a strong commitment and a goal to become a World Class Organization. We facilitate this through Journey of Excellence.

Our mission is to make excellence not just a habit but a culture to be followed in any organization. We believe in the potential of people. All our programs are designed based on the principle, “Culture first, tools next”. Because we believe that the right application of the tools requires attitude and culture. After working with several organizations and various cultures We are able to sail through the difficulties of organizational culture which will help the businesses transform faster

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Six Sigma Consulting:
Business processes are fundamental to every company’s performance by which businesses deliver value to its customers. Changes in the global business environment have made business process improvement an imperative for organizations Thus establishing high-performing processes are critical and hence statistically- driven and world proven methodology of Six Sigma are widely used and implemented in the processes. Although process improvement certification can typically drive value in all parts of the business, it is imperative to focus efforts on areas that provide the maximum value to business and customer. Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that seeks to improve the output of a process by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability in business processes.

Why choose ADEPT Global for Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma Consulting in Admin
ADEPT Global LEAN Six Sigma training provide a customized program for the individuals representing Admin department along with generic examples and scenarios that help the attendees to understand the concepts relating them to their processes/departments and thus explore and discover improvement opportunities in their departments and hence drive improvements. We have helped several organizations in developing competencies around LEAN Six Sigma and driving improvements in the departments

Lean Six Sigma Consulting in Manufacturing
Manufacturing or as a matter of fact all organizations shall have to work at deploying data driven decision making processes. Scientific approach to problem solving is imperative to long term and sustained results, usage of internationally accepted methods of data validation, using Measurement System Analysis experiments, usage of Control Charts to gauge process performance, educating the supervisors on Muda reduction approaches, enabling 5S implementation in the enterprise, statistical baselining methods using hypothesis test, basic seven quality control tools for preliminary view of process performance, change management tools of RASIC, ARMI etc enhance the customer & investor faith in the business processes and the outcome. Usage of internationally accepted method is a critical marketing tool today especially if you work as OEM for some large multinational group. Today’s vendor management process also lay a lot of emphasis in usage of such tools and techniques

Six Sigma Consulting in Project Management
It is inconceivable to manage Projects without in-depth knowledge of Lean Six Sigma Methods and Tools. There is extremely high amount of handshake of Lean Six Sigma and Project Management Practices. Neither can survive without the other. If you look at the entire Project Management lifecycle and beyond Lean Six Sigma application is imperative for successful project governance.

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