Quality improvement is a part of quality management, it exists alongside quality control, quality assurance, and quality planning. Quality improvement focuses on improving the production process, it is a systematic approach to the elimination or reduction of rework, waste, and losses in the production process, and the target could be any part of an organization. The process of quality improvement is an ongoing and continuous process which at first requires evaluating the performance of systems and processes, so as to determine needed improvements in both functional and operational areas, successful efforts rely on the routine collection and analysis of data

A revolutionary Concept in Quality Improvement

QA (Subtractive Quality Assurance)
QA broke through outdated views and now with -QA concepts, productivity and quality are able to be “racing together bridle to bridle” to achieve T (Timeliness), Q (Quality) and M (Margin). For decades, it has been widely applied in various industrial and service firms in Europe and Japan. With -QA concepts, companies are able to improve quality of products without the need of increasing costs.

ADEPT Global Methodology
  • Analysed all problems and causes of quality degradation in production process.
  • Reviewed the conditions of the production and quality test equipment.
  • Use TQM subtraction to achieve quality improvement.
  • Propose improving strategies to quality management, procurement, design and processes to improve business management capabilities.
  • Develop improvement schemes for suppliers, businesses and consumers.

Organisational Achievements
  • Improved production and quality testing equipment level.
  • Product post-sale non-performance rate can be reduced as high as 70%.
  • Production Quality can be enhanced by 80%.
  • Dramatic reduction in cost of Poor Quality

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